Un logiciel pour réparer votre ordinateur
Article mis en ligne le 21 septembre 2009

par Abdelkader

Hiren’s BootCD contient de nombreux programmes pour tester ou réparer votre ordinateur

Hiren’s BootCD is a wonderful live CD containing various programs such as Hard drive recovery, Hard Drive Partition, Hard Drive Backup, Hard Drive Testing, RAM (Memory) Testing, System Information, MBR (Master BootRecord), BIOS, MultiMedia, Password, NTFS (FileSystems), Antivirus, AntiSpy, Process, Windows Startup, Registry tools, Windows Cleaners, Optimizers, Tweakers, and many others... As it is a bootable CD, it can be useful even if the primary operating system cannot be booted. We may call it as an emergency cd which every computer technician or home user must have.

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